Vicente del Bosque: Spanish Football Team Coacher: A clear leader?

Again Spain is progressing in the Euro Cup to the semifinals. Since Vicente del Bosque is their coacher, the team is gathering one success after the other. No doubt that Spanish football is profiting from all the good foreigner players that are doing their professional career in Spanish clubs. But also the current level in the Spanish players are very high. This also clear because all the Spanish good players that plays in foreign ligues like in UK and other EU countries.
But is sure that when a team is performing like the Spanish one, is because there is something else beyond their individuals. Football is a great sport to be watched, as is very complicated to make eleven players play ion synchronism in a big stadium. Outstanding individualities can make the differences sometimes. But the real difference is when 11 persons are so connected among themselves, giving the best of their skills.
For me the Spanish football team is outstanding because:
  1. Their individuals are all good enough.
  2. There are a good balance of leaders and followers.
  3. There are more than eleven good ones, and all of them can play without affecting the performance of the team
  4. The coacher put the right glue in place to make them feel as champions.
I always said that, what we call sometimes luck, is really this feeling of recognizing ourselves as valid champions. Luck usually falls in their side.
This four conditions are usual in winning teams. We can find them also in the Spanish basket team.  But let us go the 4th point which is my objective of today. If you read my article about Technocracy and leadership (You can read a summary and related article in English in Do our leaders need to use more the pedagogy?), we can recognize in Vicente del Bosque the characteristics I identified in my article for leaders.
Vicente is creating the space of freedom to his players to let them create their own materpiece. Is avoiding disputes among them and making them feel alike for him, and important for the team. Take quick decisions. Is coherent, and is not permeable to the comments from the mass media. This is key,  as he is preserving his team from external pressure. Is identifying the important,  and making simply what they need to do. Which, having a look to his personality,  is not very complicated for him. Clever, a perfect gentlemen, always polite, and controlling himself to avoid conflicts. But always is showing him self firm and sure about his decisions. No doubting. Just assuming what he decide. This create the right space, environment and secure place to the team to do a great job.
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