Connected everywhere means better communication?

I have the opportunity to watch this video on Internet from Laura Trice sent by my son Carlos, that was gratefully impacted by the content. I have to admit that is short, but sharp. And make us think about how the human been feels. We improve a lot our communication media (cell phone, chats, web, etc) But actually we have the same needs that we had in the past. Thus, we need also a real revolution on the way we communicate to the people we love or the people we keep closer in our personal life.
Simple things like ask for praise, or just opinion, or give a warm thanks for the support received are now even more estrange, in a world dominated by the technology where surely we suffer from a big lack of values. Is a pity that so much technology will make us more impersonal and more egoist, blocking even more this inherent insecurity the human been have to demonstrate his weaknesses and his needs. And the big issue is that, as much as we keep all this questions without answer, less difficult is to surpass our insecurity. This make our society more individualist, rational, self protected, less strong to surpass the difficulties, and surely less mature. Probably, despite of this enormous capacity of communication, today people feels more alone.
I am not so sure how we can move away from this. Probably we need a social revolution in our occidental world. Many years of prosperity and not big wars, require a new way of living, and probably no so consuming behaviour. The current economical crisis, very depth also because the mix of reasons which have contributed to create it, many not existing also in the past, is requiring also a deep change in the current social and economical model. We should not forget that the speed and the huge possibilities of the current communications has permitted the current speculation that we see in the stock market. Simple people can buy and sell shares in seconds at a touch of their fingertips. For sure, again, the human been go too fast developing the technology, before taking care of the consequences and the required changes needed in the model to survive. Clear example was the 60´ when the world was covered by more than 400 Nuclear Reactors to produce energy without taking care of what to do with the wasted fuel. We suffer know from this mistakes.
As best contributors to improve our life’s, and to make them more human, let us follow the advise of this video. Let us use the Information Technologies just for the things that they are more useful. Undoubtedly all of us are more connected. Allow us to be closer, despite the miles we are away. can make our life easier, be more productive, but can collapse our free time to zero. We need to free time to foster face to face relationship, recover those nice times, and so needed by the way, that we use to dedicate to have dinner together, to have a drink, walk and spend time with the people we need or love. And not forget , as Laura says, to say how much we thanks or praise the others. Emotions are so important. This will make us more human, and our society improve !
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